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Christian Siriano F/W 2010

Hello boys and girls… just got back from the Christian Siriano show. So, here’s a peek of what I saw. A study in blue, no? I kept thinking, this is very Lost Highway, Blue Velvet, Isabella Rosselina catching Kyle MacLachlan in the closet kind of show. He should’ve played some old Billy Holiday or Ella to set the mood. Some slow, soaring, world weary love song would’ve been nice. Or Patsy Cline. Dear Patsy Cline. But the thumping bass told me no, this is techno.

And, he seems a bit more muted and sedate this season (and I don’t mean in color) which was interesting to note.

And man, can he make a GOWN!       That’s all I’m going to say for now…

Read my review at!

photos: Nari Kim

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